Paige Crystal: My Story

Hi, my name is Paige Crystal and I am here to share my story. Anxiety has always been part of my day to day life, following me wherever I go. In my most recent teenage years my anxiety has taken a bigger toll on my mental health and even my body, where it would keep me up all night and consume my thoughts during the day. Most days felt impossible to get out of bed, so I didn’t. I felt that no one could understand my pain and what I was going through. Day after day, panic attack after panic attack, it was and sometimes still is exhausting. I’ve spent countless appointments with doctors and even experienced being hospitalized. I’ve been diagnosed, assessed and found myself on multiple couches in therapy weekly for the past 3 years wondering if this will ever end. Medication was prescribed, in hopes it would calm down my dreadful panic attacks and strategies were given to me to help me cope with my day to day struggles. My mental health condition made me realize that there is no definitive cure, but there are ways to make it easier. The more I go through this journey, and become a greater advocate for mental health, I’ve come to terms that there are good days and bad days. I’ve learned to love the resources that are available to me to help me get through my toughest of moments. I’m forever grateful for the support system I have now which is stronger than ever because I’m finally able to vocalize and share what I go through as someone with a mental health condition. To say this will all end one day would be a lie, but to say that it DOES get better is true. This is the hardest personal journey I’ve ever gone through, but I’ve learned so much about myself throughout the way. I am STRONGER than never wanting to leave my bed, I am STRONGER than the thoughts that sometimes take over my mind, I am STRONGER than the voices from the past telling me this is just a phase, I AM STRONGER THAN MY STIGMA!!!!!#mymsharestheirstories

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