Matthew Levine: My Story

Hi, my name is Matthew Levine and I am so excited to join the Mindstrong Young Minds team this year! For as long as I can remember I have dealt with depression and anxiety. This does not define me, I am an outgoing and fun individual who loves sports, family, and close friends. I am currently studying social sciences at the University of Ottawa, but my path to get here wasn't an easy one. My final year of cegep I had to quit football due to my Crohns disease acting up, this sent me into a depression considering I was losing something that I thought at the time defined me. With the help of my loved ones and trained professionals I was able to overcome it. Arriving at university was an overwhelming situation and leading up to it my anxiety took over causing me to have anxiety attacks throughout the summer, but with the help of so many people especially adminsitrators at camp I was able to overcome it and succeed in my first semester of university. I am joining this amazing committee to help end the stigma around mental health and to say that it is okay to not be okay.#mymsharestheirstories

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