Macey Zemel: My Story

Hi, my name is Macey Zemel and I am leading the Mindstrong Young Minds team 2020. About 6 years ago, I lost my father to mental illness. He suffered from bipolar disorder, which had a huge effect on my family. Growing up, I never truly understood what my father was going through. Some weeks, he was the most amazing dad. He was charismatic, cool, smart and never failed to make me laugh. However, other weeks his mental illness took over him and he was not the same. At that time, mental illness was a “silent disease”: no one spoke about it and no one understood it. Today, awareness of mental illness is more prominent. However, it still remains so misunderstood and under-supported. Knowing the amazing man my father was, it is my duty to not let the negative stereotypes silence me. I share my story to educate others, to spread awareness, and to show people that no one should be defined by mental illness.#mymsharestheirstories

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