Jaymie Maldoff: My Story

Hi, my name is Jaymie Maldoff, and I am so happy to be a part of the Mindstrong Young Minds team this year! As someone who has struggled with anxiety for most of my life, I feel that this organization is an amazing opportunity to continue sharing my experiences. Throughout high school, I was never one to be very open with how I was feeling and have always been very hard on myself. Whether I was struggling with social anxiety or school stress, I often found myself isolating myself from the outside world. It felt as though there was a constant pit in my stomach holding me back, and I began to feel that I wasn’t good enough. Once it became a daily struggle for me, it reached a point where I couldn’t handle it on my own, the feeling was making me physically sick. The summer after grade 10 was a breaking point for me: it was the first time I shared the feelings that I kept trying to initially hide. The moment I spoke up, an instant weight was lifted off my shoulders. This feeling allowed me to realize that there are ways to help cope with what I was going through. The endless overwhelming thoughts, my lowest points, and my anxiety attacks do not define who I am. I am a fun and outgoing person who loves nothing more than being there for my friends and family. Although it can be difficult, I am slowly understanding that sometimes you have to put yourself and your feelings first. There are days where getting out of bed seems hard and feels like my thoughts are taking over, but over the last couple of years, I have realized that I have an amazing support system by my side, in addition to the access of a professional at my fingertips. But most importantly I am learning that it is ok not to be ok.#mymsharestheirstories

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