Charly Perlman: My Story

Hi, my name is Charly Perlman and I am so excited to be apart of the Mindstrong Young Minds team this year! I find this is such an amazing platform to share our stories. As difficult as it may be, it is so important. In life we all face challenges and battles, so here’s mine. About 7 years ago, my mom passed away. Being a little kid when it happened, it was difficult for me to come to terms with my emotions. Having gone through this battle and then being the only girl in the house, I found myself having a lot built up inside of me and was unable and unequipped to talk about it. Once I started to see a therapist to share my feelings and talk it out, it truly helped me. If I had not gotten that help, I might never have been able to properly deal with or understand my emotions. That is why it is so important to reach out for help if you are in need. Simply talking to someone, whether it be a professional or someone you are close with can make all the difference.#mymsharetheirstories

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